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How to Clean Oakley

1.Inspect the lenses carefully for dirt or grit. Rinse them with clean water, gently removing dirt.
2.Wipe the lenses in a side-to-side motion with an eye-glass cleaning cloth. Be sure to wipe the entire surface of each lens with clean areas of the cloth. Allow the Ray-Bans to dry completely.
3.Inspect the lenses for any smudges. Make a solution of clean, warm water with a drop or two of mild dish soap.
4.Dip the glasses in the solution. Rub the entire surface delicately with the cleaning cloth, starting with the smudges on the lenses. Fold the frames closed, cleaning the hinges.
5.Inspect the hinges and nose pieces carefully for grimy buildup. If necessary, unscrew the hinges and nose pieces with a repair kit, clean, and put everything back together.
6.Rinse the glasses with clean water. Wipe the entire surface with a clean, dry cleaning cloth, starting with the lenses. Allow the glasses to completely dry.
7.Buff any spots or fingerprints with a clean section of the cloth.